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Culligan Water Softener
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Water from Water Softeners are not recommended for drinking, although it prolongs the life of pipes and appliances.

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Review Date04/24/09
Replacement Cost & Capacity$600/month of Salt Replacement
Per Month Use Cost$78.18
Removes Chlorineno
Removes Particulateno
UL or NSF Certified Capacitynone
Requires Electricyes
Requires Back Flushingyes
Annual Cost of Use$941.53


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Reviewed By: Doris Mendoza , Hunigton Beach                   Date: 07/13/09

 I had a Culligan water softener installed in my home in order to get rid of the hard water problem I was having in my home. Although this did solve my hard water problem, I am now left with water that tastes salty. My water is not very clear either; it looks like sea water and has a little bit of foam in it. I have had water softeners in the past and never had a problem with them but I decided to try the Culligan water softener. I never should have purchased this system and am very disappointed, therefore I would not recommend this product to anyone.

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Product Review (Culligan Water Softener)

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