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Types of Water Treatment Systems
People buy home water treatment units for many different reasons. Some are concerned about chemicals or particles that affect the taste or appearance of their drinking water. Others are concerned that their water contains harmful organisms, such as bacteria, or chemical pollutants, such as pesticides or industrial solvents. Whatever your reason for buying a home water treatment unit, you fiirst study the various types of water treatment systems.

Whole-Home Filtration System

If you want to filter all the water in your home, including kitchen, bath, and laundry, this is the system for you. This much larger system purifies water at the main waterline as it enters your home. Of course, this option can be quite pricey at first, but can greatly improve the overall quality of the water in your home and even extend the life of those appliances that use water.

Under-the-Sink Water Filters

This type of water purifier sits in the cabinet under your sink to purify the water out of sight. This type of system is similar to the sink-mounted water filter, but eliminates the bulky faucet-mounted unit.

Faucet-Mount Water Filters

These types of water filters attach to your kitchen faucet. They are simple to install and easy to maintain. An indicator light tells you when to replace the filter. If you do not want to filter water all the time, these filters usually allow you to switch to unfiltered water. This choice is inexpensive and easiest to install, but only protects the water from the kitchen faucet.

Refrigerator Filters

Most modern refrigerators with in-the-door water dispensers come equipped with a water filtration system. Some filter just the water, while others also filter the water that becomes ice in the ice maker. Again, an indicator light is usually located somewhere on the refrigerator to indicate the need to change the filter. Filters usually pop out easily for replacement.

Carafe Filtration Pitchers

This water purifier option is the most inexpensive, for the short run. The water pitcher simply contains a water filter. Fill the pitcher with tap water, and then store the pitcher of filtered water in the refrigerator. Once again, a light indicates when the filter requires changing.

Water Softener

The water softener removes specific minerals from the water at the main line as it enters your home. This is, again, a pricier option, but can save yourself time from removing scale buildups on windows, glass, etc. However,�water from a water softener, without�another method of filtration, is unhealthy to consume.


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