Water Softeners

Using a softener to remove iron in naturally soft water is not advised. When the resin is filled to capacity, it must be recharged. Fully automatic softeners regenerate on a preset schedule and return to service automatically. However, the regeneration process wastes twice the amount of water used.

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Water Filter

A whole house water filter is one of the best ways you can prevent unclean water from ever entering your home. A whole house water filter works by removing sediments, lead and other compounds that cause spotting or scaling. The resulting water is far superior in quality to that which first entered your home.

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Drinking Water

How much water should a person drink daily? a simple question with no simple answer. Various studies have produced recommendations on how much water should a person drink every day, but in truth, your water intake will depend on many factors, including where you live, your health, and your activity level.

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