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EWS 1354

Since 1987, EWS has pioneered central water filtration and is the leader in quality filtration appliances, trusted by hospitals, health care centers, military, high-end hotels, and thousands of private homes worldwide. Enjoy the hassle-free convenience of clean, filtered water to every sink and shower in your home and reduce your exposure to thousands of unregulated contaminants.

EWS is celebrating a 29-year track record of top product performance, quality engineering, and customer satisfaction of our central water filtration appliances. We have customers with EWS appliances that are over 20 years old and they are still going strong. That kind of quality is a rarity, and we continue to manufacture valuable, high-end filtration appliances right here in the United States. No outsourcing, no flimsy materials, and no cheap filtration media.

Alongside other leading household brands, EWS provides only the finest quality products available in over 700 kitchen and bath showrooms nationwide. You will never find EWS products in big-box warehouse stores or being sold by door-to-door salesmen.

EWS is recognized in the industry as the most water-knowledgeable company and known in the building trades as the top water filtration product available. Our EWS Spectrum has been chosen as the exclusive water filtration appliance of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), The New American Home and the International Builder’s Show. EWS products have been repeatedly recognized as the top water filtration product by Building Products Magazine, Builder Magazine, and more.

The USA’s Most Versatile & Best-Selling Whole House Water Filtration and Salt-Free Conditioning Appliance.

Drink delicious filtered water from every sink in your home, and prevent the absorption and inhalation of water contaminants while showering and bathing.

  • Healthy, delicious, odor-free water for your entire home – with one system
  • Hassle-free system does not require any regular maintenance or frequent filter changes
  • Protects your family from contaminants that are absorbed into the skin while showering and bathing
  • 100% pure granular activated carbon (GAC) – no silver impregnation, no metal resins, no fillers
  • Proprietary GAC is the highest grade and highest iodine rating available
  • Removes and reduces chlorine, VOCs, THMs, pesticides, pharmaceutical residues, and much more
  • Inhibits hard water build-up in pipes and heaters, and makes for easier spot clean-up on surfaces
  • Absolutely no salts, magnets, or chemicals
  • Meets or exceeds all FDA, NSF, ANSI, and California State standards and compliances
  • Easy installation, similar to a water heater
  • 10-year or 2,500,000 gallon filtration media lifespan¹

Our Standards. Manufactured and Assembled in the USA.

All product and components are compliant for food and beverage contact and comply, meet or exceed all current and applicable standards without exception.

All EWS product has been independently tested by an accredited third-party laboratory to meet and/or exceed all relevant FDA, California State regulations, and NSF standards for all claims made regarding NSF/ANSI standards. All EWS product is No-Lead Compliant to California AB1953.

Flow Rate: 35 gallons per minute

Easy installation.
Environmental Water Systems filtration appliances are easy to install with the help of a licensed plumber. The appliance installs where your water line enters your home (often times near your water heater or in a garage).

Easy replacement.
System maintenance is simple: about every 10 years, replace the filtration media inside with or without a plumber’s assistance. It is a quick process of shutting off the water at your EWS appliance, detaching the tank from the valve head, and replacing it with your new tank (you keep the same valve head). No mess!

The EWS 1354 water filtration can be installed at your main water line to filter all the water that goes through your house. It is designed for 3/4” to 1” plumbing lines. The EWS 1354 water filtration has a flow rate of 15 gallons per minute and it does not limit flow rate or pressure. It can be used for any water, from polluted or normal city water to well water. It acts as a barrier to harsh chemicals and the by products from industries in city water. The Environmental Water system has applied the highest quality and highest grade water filtration appliance found in the market. Reviews on this water filter from customers is good.

The EWS 1354 water filtration can protect you and your family from contaminants that get absorbed into your body while bathing or showering. The filtration system contains no silver impregnation, no metal resins and no fillers but uses 100% pure granular activated carbon or GAC. The proprietary GAC used in EWS 1354 water filtration has the highest grade and iodine rating available.

EWS 1354 water filtration also removes or reduces chlorine, VOCs, THMs, pesticides, pharmaceutical residues and more.it actually exceeds the expected approval levels of FDA, NSF, ANSI and California State standard and compliance’s and all this with the easy installation similar to water heaters. EWS 1354 water filtration has a media lifespan of 10 years and that is about 2,500,000 gallon of water filtration. This also means 10 years of warranty which is very good considering the review of all good water filters in the market.

The EWS 1354 water filtration conditions water hardness up to 500 mg/l or 30 grains. The water filter contains no salt, potassium, magnets or chemicals and prevents corrosiveness, poor taste and brine discharge. EWS 1354 water filtration can prevent hard water build ups in pipes and heaters, gives easier spot clean-up on surfaces and better use of soaps. The water you get from this is better for your skin, hair and body. The EWS 1354 water filtration system weighs around 50 pounds.

EWS 1354 water filtration uses a catalytic process called Increased Calcite Nucleation (ICN) where the minerals that cause hardness are removed from the solution and put in suspension thereby eliminating the problems created by hard water. Considering the reviews and all the features of this product, the EWS 1354 water filtration is the best filtered water for you and your family.

EWS Water Filtration Maintenance

MAINTENANCE is a must in every field. But EWS water filters require very less effort for maintenance. They are the most environment friendly products and with zero maintenance free filtration. EWS water filtration is self-cleansing, hassle free and the best user friendly appliance available in the market. There exists a chance after long years there will be need of the filtration media change that too depends on the local water or the conditions we use. So, EMS water filtration is the best and cost effective with zero maintenance cost. So, no burden of cleaning and changing the filters all the time. So, simple so good.

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