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The top rated valves and tanks are used in manufacturing each Pelican system, backed by an industry-leading limited lifetime parts warranty. Imagine spring-like water through every faucet of your home. Drink, bathe and shower in sparkling clean water with no more dry itchy skin or unpleasant odors from chemicals. The large diameter of the tank holds a significant amount of water filtration carbon media, increasing the overall performance and lifespan, and the replacement cost is a fraction of the cost of similar items. When it comes time to replace the filter, all you must do is replace the media inside the tank, with no plumbing required and no need to replace the entire tank.

  • Minimal filter/media change with the sediment pre-filter every six to nine months; tank 1 media every 5 years or 600,000 Gal.; tank 2 media is lifetime media that needs no replacement
  • Includes sediment pre-filter system with mounting hardware
  • Bacterial static media inhibits bacterial growth
  • Energy efficient; does not waste water and requires no electricity

The large diameter of the tank holds a significant amount of water filtration carbon media increasing the overall performance and lifespan. Two, the replacement cost is a fraction of the cost of the competitors. Three, when it comes time to replace the filter all you have to do is replace the media inside the tank, no plumbing required and no need to replace the entire tank like that of other whole house systems.

Pelican Water was founded in 2007 with the goal of producing cutting-edge water filtration and salt-free softening systems while providing the highest level of customer service. Pelican's innovative water systems are environmentally friendly because we believe that clean water should not come at the expense of a sustainable future.

How long has Pelican Water Systems been in business?

The founders of Pelican Water Systems started offering water filtration services in 1970's. Pelican Water Systems was founded in 2007 products are shipped from our Florida manufacturing and warehouse facility to all 50 States in the USA, Canada and International markets.

Can I take my Pelican Water System with me when I move?

The Pelican Systems are designed to be easily moved if you change homes. Simply put the system into bypass mode then disconnect it from the bypass and take it with you. Any homeowner, handyman or plumber can re-install the unit for you.

How much maintenance do the Pelican Whole House Combo Systems require?

Our customers tell us that Pelican Water Systems are huge money savers. Not only will you have convenient fresh filtered water at every faucet in your home, you no longer need to lug heavy bottled water around. Since Pelican Water Systems filter your water while retaining vital mineral nutrients, you don't have all the annual maintenance hassles that traditional salt softener units incur. The Pelican Combo Systems uses zero electricity and wastes no water while reducing your use of soaps, detergents, shampoos, and other cleaning expenses. Perhaps the biggest money saver for home owners is that Pelican water will extend the life of your pipes, water heaters, washing machines, and other water using appliances. See for yourself why Pelican is the most trusted name in water.

Who installs my Pelican water treatment system?

We ship factory direct to you so you can enjoy big factory-direct savings. Our Pelican systems are very user friendly and do not require a plumber for installation. Many homeowners install their own systems, but if you do not have any plumbing knowledge we recommend hiring a plumber or handyman to install your system. You can also call Customer Service at 1-844-277-3894 to see if we have any recommended plumbers in your area to install your Pelican System.

What is NaturSoft?

The Pelican NaturSoft system is the premium, maintenance-free, no-salt water softener / conditioner DVGW certified for 99.6% scale prevention and offers an industry leading limited lifetime warranty. Scale can have an adverse effect on many appliances in the home including the dishwasher, water heater, fridge, sink faucets and shower heads. Scale will clog these items or cause damage to o-rings and valves that result in costly repairs.

Pelican Natursoft Salt Free Water Softeners "soften" water by taking varying amount of minerals from solution through precipitation as well as reducing the water's surface tension. More importantly, without the use of chemicals, physical water treatment also produces superior scale reduction and even remove existing scale deposits other water treatment methods lack.

Why is DVGW Certification so important?

The DVGW 9191 - Anti-Scale standard uses the worlds strictest guidelines to determine the effectiveness of a system to prevent scale using Worksheet W 510. W510 combines 3 testing requirements that all systems must pass: 1) Structural Integrity, 2) Microbiological Testing (W 270 and KTW tests) and 3) Performance in Scale Prevention (W512). Unlike the NSF acceptable passing level of 50% for performance claims, the DVGW protocol for scale prevention performance (W 512) requires 80% or better to pass. In order to obtain a certification under DW-9191 with test report W 510 you must pass at least 4 separate tests, plus the W 510 requirements. The W510 test simulates over 2 years of normal customer water usage (200,000+ gallons), making it one of the most comprehensive anti-scale standards in the world.

As part of the Pelican Natursoft line of products, we submitted one of our anti-scale Natursoft system to the DVGW for certification under the DVGW 9191. The 9191 is already the most difficult and all-encompassing test in the world for anti-scale, requiring a minimum of 80% to pass, however we wanted to challenge ourselves even more. The system submitted by Pelican put Natursoft into the most challenging test parameters the DVGW could certify and the results speak for themselves. Having passed all 5 requirements of the 9191, Pelican's Natursoft system submitted for testing was certified by the world’s highest anti-scale standard with a performance rating of 99.6%. Using the success of the Pelican Natursoft system that passed DVGW 9191, Pelican developed a full line of Natursoft products providing proven, tested 99.6% scale prevention from small cartridge systems up to high flow light commercial and everything in-between

Industry Leading Filtration Technology

Stage 1: A 5-micron sediment filter reduces sand, silt, rust and debris

Stage 2 & 3: A blend of high-grade activated carbons filter chlorine & choramine, taste and odor, and hundreds of chemicals and contaminants

Stage 4: Bacteriostatic copper-zinc oxidation media prevents and reduces algae growth and bacteria.



Chlorine reduction (%)


Maximum filtered water flow (gallons per min.)


Minimum feed water pressure (psi)



Minimum feed water temperature (F)




Number of stages




Number of filters included


Product Weight (lb.)


Lead reduction (%)





Maximum feed water pressure (psi)


Maximum feed water temperature


pH Range 6 – 11

Questions Asked by Customers

maintenance? Asked by inquiringMinds August 20, 2016

What is the scheduled maintenance of this system, and what would need to be bought to maintain this system? Answer (1) Pelican Water August 20, 2016 You would change the sediment filter every 6 months and the main filter once every 5 years. The filters come in packages of 4 filters (Item ID 205748075) which will last 2 years.

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