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RainSoft QRS 1054

Since 1953 RainSoft has had one business and one business only providing the finest whole-house water and air treatment systems for families like yours. RainSoft started with one location in Bensenville, Illinois. Today RainSoft, a division of Aquion Inc., is an international company with dealerships in the United States and 20 other countries. The company headquarters are located in Roselle, IL, just outside of Chicago.

RainSoft has been dedicated to producing “The World’s Finest Water Treatment” and superior customer satisfaction since day one. We also ensure all of our water and air conditioning products meet customer expectations and demands.

The QRS H series is tested and certified by the WQA to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 and 53 for the specific performance claims as verified and substantiated by test data.

Helpful Tip: We recommend replacing the filter media every three years (or earlier if necessary). Your local RainSoft Dealer can give you specific replacement schedules based on your water usage and incoming water quality.

Benefits of Home Water Treatment

Home water treatment from RainSoft benefits your household by turning ordinary water into extraordinary water.

In the Kitchen: Starting at the kitchen sink, the most important benefit of home water treatment systems is clean, delicious and pure drinking water. Food and juices you prepare and the produce you wash will taste noticeably better with RainSoft’s ingredient quality water. With the absence of lime and mineral deposits, your freezer’s ice maker will thank you as it will last longer and make clearer, more appealing ice.

In the Bathroom: RainSoft’s home water filtration systems make bathing and showering a wonderfully refreshing experience. You’ll notice that soaps and shampoos lather better and more thoroughly wash away. Damp and slimy skin and hair is thing of the past – instead, RainSoft water will leave you feeling clean, soft and residue free, with skin as soft as a newborn baby’s. In addition, a RainSoft water softener gives you the opportunity to do less bathroom cleaning and maintenance as water stains, soap scum and scale buildup will be eliminated.

Laundry and Cleaning: Home water filtration systems will benefit your laundry room too. Mineral deposits in your plumbing will be reduced and will allow your appliances to run cleaner and last longer. Laundry day is less of a hassle and cheaper as clothes will require less detergent and come out of the wash looking cleaner and feeling better on your skin. You’ll find house cleaning chores requiring water to be much easier due to the improved sudsing properties of water treated from our water softener systems.

Customer Review

Lucas of Plain City, OH

April 13, 2017 Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer


I live in a town that uses a lot of chlorine and a lot of other chemicals to clean the water. I have a lot of hard water and stuff, so I had been researching for several years and it was finding a place financially, that I was looking to invest into that type of treatment facility. When we were in Home Depot, we were approached by a Home Depot representative, setting up a time to come out and present RainSoft. The sales reps were very friendly and relaxed and knew what they were looking for. When they called initially to set it up, I told them that it was a bad timing and if they could call me back in about a month. They were very amicable and did so. They were great at follow-up and then was very cordial about everything, so I appreciated it.

The rep who came out was great. He was very informative and had a lot of good details. He explained the whole process and what their system did. He was very knowledgeable about it and then just talked through our options of purchasing the system and everything that went with it, so it was a very good experience. We ended up going with the whole house filtration system as well as the reverse osmosis.

The installation people were fantastic as well. They were very polite, respectful, kind, and were good about putting stuff, explaining what they were planning to do and where they were moving stuff because of the way water comes into my home. They wanted to know where I wanted it, close to the other appliances in the basement. And then it would not allow us to have it close to one of our outside spickets, so we talked through that and they were very informative of the difference and what would have happened.

Since having the system installed, I noticed huge differences, especially with all the chlorine being removed. Our water tastes much better. I can drink water directly from my faucets, whereas before I used a filter through my fridge and sometimes even still bottled water. Whereas now, I can, at nighttime, brush my teeth with the water and not taste the chlorine or some of the other calcium and the stuff that’s in there. I've replaced about five of my faucets in the 15 years I owned my home because of the hard water and now I’ve noticed there’s very little or actually none at all on the sinks and stuff, so it’s been great. Overall, my experience was excellent and enjoyable, and RainSoft is a great system to have. I'm happy that I’ve invested in it. It’s done wonders and I wish I had done it sooner.

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