Water Softener Comparison Chart

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Water Softeners Comparison
Top 5 Water Softeners Pelican PS80 + R.O.Aqua-Pure AWS200M + R.O.EWS - 1354 + R.O.
Removes Chlorine & Chemicalsno no yes
Retains Healthy Mineralsno no yes
Testing & Certificationnone none none
Automatic Self Cleaningyes no yes
Certified Capacity0 0 0
Claimed Filter Capacityn/a none 1,350,000 Gal. for Carbon Filter
Total Monthly Cost (Based on 15-year Ownership)$77.25 $76.27 $104.61
Total Cost of 15-year Ownership$14,626.54 $13,728.58 $18,830.28
Retail Price$2,722.50 $2,628.58 $4,215.99

The information comes directly from certification forms provided by independent third party groups. If there was no third party verification provided, we used the claims they made on their websites. The independent resources we focused on include the Water Quality Association, the Underwriters Laboratories, and the National Sanitation Foundation.

Our research was conducted by studying detailed information about different consumer water products. We tried to look at the most popular options in the market to help make it easier for consumers to make a decision. Most consumers lack the time or knowledge of what to look for in certification statements, so we have compiled our findings in the chart above.

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